• 10 Illustrations That Show Just How Much the Internet Has Changed Our Lives

    None of us should ever succumb to panic – real life is definitely still out there despite the huge role that the Internet plays in modern life. Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives, but it really is just a part. Nevertheless, it’s funny to think about the hundreds of little ways these things have changed our behavior. Here are 10 of the ones we at 2T Pets have noticed. How many do you recognize? Illustrator: Astkhik Rakimova exclusively for 2T Pets Preview photo credit Laughing Colours

  • The 6 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

    The skill of a magician lies in his or her ability to keep you frozen in expectation of their next unbelievable trick. It often seems that magicians really are capable of doing things which defy all known laws of the universe, and the atmosphere of awe they create during their performances helps further reduce any doubts you have that this is all a trick. Here, 2T Pets takes a look at six of the most famous magic tricks that have amazed people over the years and takes a look at them from a new, more scientific angle to reveal that they are not all that they seem. Secret 1: Sawing a person in half We’ve all seen that trick, usually watched with bated breath, in which the magician saws a woman in half? Well, it’s a lot less shocking…

  • 11 Surprising Mysteries Scientists Can’t Explain

    It seems scientists have already studied everything on our planet, but that’s not the case. 2T Pets collected 11 fascinating mysteries that have no rational explanation yet. 1. How do cats purr? Cats purr when they feel happy, but no one knows how. When they purr, you don’t even hear their heart beating! Scientists say cats make the vibrating sound with their vocal chords. Its frequency accelerates healing and reduces pain, which is why cats purr when they are stressed or hurt. 2. Where did some creatures come from? © wikipedia Many species don’t have any ancestors. No one knows exactly when amphibians evolved from fish because the first land animals had…

  • The 17 Famous Logos with a Hidden Meaning That We Never Even Noticed

    It turns out that some of the most well-known logos in the world were designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty. In fact, it seems that in some cases, every line, curve and color has meaning behind it. Here are 17 famous logos with hidden meanings that we never noticed before. Fascinating! 17. Hyundai Many people are inclined to think that the logo of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai is simply the first letter of its name. But actually, the letter ‘Н’ symbolises two people (a client and a representative of the company) shaking hands. 16. Adidas The name Adidas is derived from that of its founder, Adolf…

  • 10 Food Products We’ve Been Eating Incorrectly All Our Lives

    Forget everything you were taught. 2T Pets offers the following 10 life hacks to help you eat your favourite products with more efficiency. Cherry tomatoes Lightly squeeze the tomatoes between two plates, then slice between them with a sharp knife. The same method can be used for grapes. Kiwifruit You don’t even need to peel kiwifruit. You can just scoop it out with a spoon, as if from a pot. Tangerines The person who worked this one out is without doubt a genius! Pomegranates Cut off the top and bottom, then make incisions on each side and break it up into sections. Avocados As with kiwifruit, you can eat an avocado with a spoon. Watermelon © youtube To make eating a watermelon a whole lot easier, cut the corners off each slice. Cake Instead…

  • 15 Personality Traits That All Successful People Have

    Success is a very subtle thing. To achieve it you need to have endurance, a positive outlook, and the ability to be open with others. 2T Pets has compiled a guide to help you understand precisely how a successful person differs from a not so successful one. Save it somewhere, and read it in those moments when it seems that things aren’t going according to plan.

  • Men And Women — We Are So Different

    2T Pets took the liberty to draw funny and honest comics about the differences between men and women. And yes, we’ve got our peculiarities, but remember, the main thing is that even though we’re different, we just can’t live without one another.