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25 Dogs Who Were Caught at the Most Unexpected Moment

Dogs often do such ridiculous things that we just can’t help but take a few photos of them. Some of them like to sleep with their legs up in the air, some sit like humans, and others try to walk the walls.

2T Pets is sure that some of our 4-legged friends are just refusing to behave like normal animals, and here are some photos that prove we’re right.

25. Each car should be supplied with a puppy holder.

© unknown user/ imgur

24. “When I’m outside, she tries to get my attention this way.”

© fuckburger666 / reddit

23. He’s melting.

© ChipsAhoyMcCoy72 / reddit

22. When it’s your first yoga lesson:

© unknown user/ imgur

21. “I can sit like a human too.”

© chuckleoctopus / reddit

20. “I walked in on my dog in deep thought this morning…”

© roybelzer / reddit

19. “Why are you looking at me as if you’ve never seen a dog in a car seat?”

© EviscerationNation / reddit

18. “Found this majestic doggo at the park.”

© Gandalfthegreyyt / reddit

17. This Cirque du Soleil artist

© Teccnocarrot / reddit

16. “This is Bruce on a ride in the car.”

© FinePointSharpie / reddit

15. “My dog being very proud of his talent”

© wolfwilly / reddit

14. Dog.exe program is glitching.

© dirujd / reddit

13. “My dog was sitting like this while being fed by my grandpa.”

© pilarstol / reddit

12. We wish we knew what was happening in his head.

© ihaveafoxdog / reddit

11. “He wanted to see what I was eating.”

© not_tight_butthole / reddit

10. “Don’t tell the cat, please!”

© TheOneThatGotBanned / imgur

9. He decided to sleep like this.

© drbuttjob / reddit

8. He likes to look at the world from a different angle.

© MyNameGifOreilly / reddit

7. When the light is so bright that you can’t sleep well:

© Kjka89 / reddit

6. His nose is bent at a 90° angle.

© dubbie28 / reddit

5. Well, dogs’ noses are really flexible.

© MaxwellEdison210 / reddit

4. What a coy doggo!

© juneah / reddit

3. “My dog isn’t sick, he just loves to sit like this.”

© mrgreatwhope / reddit

2. This guy knows the best sitting positions.

© WeirdDude_95 / reddit

1. “She doesn’t like to be left alone in unfamiliar places.”

© Boss_Os / reddit

Bonus: When you want to sleep, nothing can stop you from taking a nap.

© tiikuri / imgur

Does your dog do anything unusual? Do you have any pictures to prove it?Preview photo credit unknown user/ imgurunknown user/ imgur

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