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20 Zealous Animals Who Know How to Make This World a Better Place

We can all agree that dogs are wonderful creatures that we’re very fortunate to have in our lives. Truly, they make the world a better place just by living in it. But some special doggies stand out in the crowd through their gifts, missions, jobs or simply their personalities.

Here at 2T Pets, we acknowledge the way dogs make the world a better place so we’ve gathered for you just a few examples as a reminder to appreciate the furry, 4-legged creatures in your life.


1. Now they’ll get lots of treats and big belly rubs!

© dogshaming

2. Lucas, a sick little boy, and his service dog Juno share a special bond.

© Lucas Hembree “Prayers for Lucas” / Facebook

3. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but here’s one pup who’s earned himself a different title: Best Assistant.

© lehnni / reddit

4. School is ruff, but they’re doing great!

© duuuk / reddit

5. It all came full circle for Jake.

© Dave Munday / Post and Courier

6. “Wasao is out to charm passengers as a tourism station master.”

© peristalsister / reddit

7. When a good boy greets you at the door with their tail wagging and tongue out, you can’t help but feel better!

8. This is a Warrior Canine Connection service dog being told they’re a good dog.

© exploreorg / reddit

9. Its owner’s legs may be weak, but he has 4 and they’re strong enough for the both of them!

© derawin07 / reddit

10. Air assault woofers, protecting us

© Boonaki / reddit

11. Dory is specially trained to accompany children in a courtroom, to help calm them and ease the process.

© lizzibear11 / reddit

12. This is Bretagne, a search and rescue dog who worked during 9/11. She was only 2 years old at the time.

© Denise Corliss / Facebook

13. A dog providing a soldier with some much-needed love

© Pixabay

14. An anxious autistic boy undergoing an MRI scan was put at ease when his loyal best friend stayed by his side throughout the procedure.

© Louise Goossens

15. Here are Golden Retrievers comforting Orlando shooting survivors, providing a warm, furry body to hold and pet!

© Sasha Comfort Dog / Facebook

16. This good girl named Frida saved 52 people from Mexico’s earthquake.

17. This is Amanda, a mama dog that saved her puppies from a fire and put them on the fire truck.

© teleSUR tv / YouTube

18. This dog saved its owner’s life by lying on him for nearly 24 hours in freezing conditions.

© McLaren Hospital Northern Michigan

19. Layka saved the lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan after she was shot and gravely wounded.

© Martin Schoeller / National Geographic

20. Ricochet goes surfing with people suffering from physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities.

© Surf Dog Ricochet / Facebook

Did these fluffy heroes warm your heart too? Share any stories like these that you have down below!

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