17 Times Nature Wanted to Amaze Everyone but Got a Bit Carried Away

Nature will never cease to surprise us with its diversity and incredible living creatures that boast the most outlandish colors. Some of them are so wonderful, they seem to have come from another dimension.

We simply adore all these species of animalshere at 2T Pets and invite you to take a look at the most unique ones.


1. The long-eared jerboa inhabits the deserts of Mongolia and China.

© RalphiesBoogers / reddit

2. Red-lipped batfish can be spotted around the Galapagos Islands at a depth of up to 328 feet (100 meters).

3. Saiga antelopes are one of the most ancient mammals. They are known for their extremely unusual appearance with an over-sized nose, the internal structure of which acts as a filter.

© depositphotos

4. The panda-ants are largely spread in South America.

© Chris Lukhaup / Wikimedia Commons

5. Cassowaries live in the tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

© depositphotos

6. The glass frog is remarkable due to its transparent body. They can be found throughout South America.

© Geoff Gallice / Wikimedia Commons

7. Narrow-headed softshell turtles (of the Chitra species) are entirely aquatic and come onto the beach only to lay eggs.

© Krishna Kumar Mishra / Wikimedia Commons

8. The okapi looks like a horse, giraffe, and zebra hybrid.

© depositphotos

9. Golden snub-nosed monkeys found in central and southwest China stand out with their unique appearance. They boast orange-golden hair and a pale blue muzzle.

10. The kori bustard is the largest flying bird in Africa.

© Shaun / twitter

11. Mantis shrimp feed on mollusks, easily breaking their shells with their front legs.

© depositphotos

12. The Crabronidaes use mud to build their nests.

13. The greater sage-grouse has a fluffy, white collar and 2 yellowish sacs on its chest that are inflated during courtship display.

© Alan Krakauer / flickr

14. The proboscis monkeys can only be found in Borneo.

© Paul Williams / flickr

15. The leaf-tailed geckos have large eyes with vertical pupils that are designed to catch bugs at night.

16. The aye-aye is the world’s largest nocturnal primate native to Madagascar.

© RiverRebel / reddit

17. And this is what a Persian cat with hypertrichosis looks like.

Do you have a photo of an animal with an unusual appearance that will delight everyone? Share it with us!

Preview photo credit Alan Krakauer / flickr

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